We are Geniusin Ltd, an information and technology company that provides fresh digital management solutions to businesses across multiple industry sectors. 

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Our Mission

"To provide simple solutions to everyday challenges in the business to consumer world"
Paul Tombs Managing Director

Our Brands


Buzz2Get specialise in offline to online customer engagement solutions. The team is focused on helping businesses engage with their customers and assist them in being able to deliver an even higher quality of customer experience through self-service options.


get这十款chrome插件推荐给天天用Google浏览器的你 - Chrome ...:2021-6-20 · 但是 Google 浏览器的的优点恰恰就体现在拥有超简约的界面,以及支持众多强大好用的扩展程序,用户能够按照自己的喜好去个性化定制浏览器。那么,这些“强大好用的扩展程序”要去哪里找呢?去Chorme网应用商店,去不了?那就来我们chrome插件网。


Agile Innovation 

Focus on a continuous improvement and further development of our apps and services to meet our client’s needs.


Transform the way the market operates by defeating the need for multiple apps to achieve the same end goal. 


Create close relations with our clients to understand what’s keeping them up at night and help them re-engage with all of their customers. 

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